WG1: Standardisation, certification, labelling and supply chain management

Misson & Objectives

The working group addresses the following issues: 
  1. EU ICT security certification framework (liaise with the Commission and contribute to the European ICT security certification framework proposal which is foreseen to be published by the end of 2017).
  2. Standards for interoperability
  3. EU cybersecurity labelling
  4. Increased digital autonomy
  5. Testing and validation of the supply / value chain in Europe



Chairs of WG1: Eric Vetillard (Eurosmart / NXP), Mario Jardim (Schneider Electric), Martin Schaffer (SGS)

The working group is segmented into the following sub-working groups:

  • SWG1.1 Self-assessment — Chairs: Philips
  • SWG1.2 Third party assessment — Chairs: RedAlertLabs
  • SWG1.3 Base layer — Chairs: Conceptivity, Secura, UL


The working group is closely collaborating with other ECSO working groups, the European Commission, ENISA and European standardisation bodies such as CEN/CENELEC, ETSI, etc


  • 6/2017, WG1 MEMBERS - STATE OF THE ART SYLLABUS (download file)
  • 12/2017, WG1 MEMBERS - STATE OF THE ART SYLLABUS updated (download file)
  • 12/2017, WG1 MEMBERS - European Cyber Security Certification - A Meta-Scheme Approach (download file)
  • 9/2019, WG1 MEMBERS - European Cyber Security Certification: Assessment Options (download file)


ECSO Secretariat: wg1_secretariat@ecs-org.eu