Working group : WG1: Standardisation, Certification and Supply Chain Management

WG1: State of the Art Syllabus - updated

December 2017
Overview of existing Cybersecurity standards and certification schemes

This document lists all standards and specifications related to Cybersecurity known to and deemed relevant by the authors at the moment of writing. This document was initially intended as an ECSO internal document. However, the need for an overview of existing standards and initiatives, based on a methodical compiling approach was felt by a much wider group of organisations, such as the European Commission, Member States agencies and public bodies as well as normalization institutes. Therefore this document is now intended for public dissemination in order to help improve general awareness on standardisation, certification and labelling in cybersecurity, either on sub-components, components, devices, products, systems, services and organisations.

1st version: June 2017

2nd version: December 2017