Policy support to CISO and general information sharing

The CEC will allow CISOs from all companies and EU countries to exchange lessons learned and best practices, share information on operational issues, develop positions and/or link with the ISACs and the European institutions, through regular networking and meetings on specific issues. Membership is open for free to ECSO members’ CISOs, but also to non-ECSO members CISOs on an ad personam level although non-ECSO members’ CISOs will have limited/restricted rights and an annual participation with a limited fee.

Main objectives:

  • Interaction with EU Institutions on policy and legislative priorities (e.g. NIS 2)
  • Link with EC initiatives, incl. Joint Cyber Unit for NIS 2 and NIS Coordination Group
  • Networking of CISOs across sectors and countries
  • Risk Management & Threat Information Coordination - amber level
  • Cooperation with / development of efficient and trusted ISACs at EU level
  • Other operational or policy initiatives from CISOs need


On June 7th, the CISOs European Community (CEC) was officially launched during a special webinar organised by ECSO. This event was a key opportunity to discuss what are the challenges CISOs encounter? What are their limitations? How do CISOs perceive and prioritise cyber-threats? What roles and responsibilities do CISOs hold inside their companies? How do CISOs approach certification in cybersecurity?
More information about this special webinar available here.