Top level intelligence sharing among CISOs

The CISO Strategic Committee (CSC) will allow CISOs from essential and important entities (using the working of the NIS2) to have a confidential and trusted exchange of strategic intelligence among themselves and establish links with CSIRTs and law enforcement authorities. Membership is open to ECSO members’ CISOs only, and to non-ECSO members, while they finalise their ECSO membership procedure.

Main objectives:

  • IOCs (Indicator of Compromise) pan-European platform
  • Supply chain – Enhanced security-related contractual engagements
  • Strategic Threat Intelligence and Information sharing among Users & Operators.
  • Platform / network to support Rapid Reactions of private operators: umbrella to support private sector in case of crisis for operational cyber resilience
  • Risk Management & Threat Information Coordination - red level
  • Cooperation with the EU network of CSIRTs