ECSO Recommendations to the European Commission and Parliament

31 January 2020, Brussels
For a Cyber Resilient Europe with an increased digital autonomy, restoring sovereignty and supporting the socio/economic development

In light of the new European legislature, ECSO and its members have compiled a set of recommendations that would enable the European Cybersecurity Community from both the public and private sectors to thrive together in building a Cyber Resilient Europe.

ECSO recommends to:

  • Foster cooperation between all stakeholders in Europe (public and private, citizens, professionals and decision makers) to develop our cybersecure digital ecosystem protecting the growing digital transformation
  • Develop an EU Vision on Cybersecurity and a comprehensive approach for cybersecurity
  • Develop a comprehensive EU Cybersecurity Strategy and approach
  • Implement a European cybersecurity industrial policy
  • Develop skills and training to satisfy increasing job needs, education / cyber – hygiene for youth and citizens, awareness for professionals and decision makers
  • Recover a higher level of sovereignty and support the socio / economic development through an increased digital autonomy in Europe
  • Develop a European legislative and regulatory cybersecurity framework for sensitive applications
  • Combine higher Public and Private Investments in innovative approaches directed towards Research, Capability Development and Capacity Building
  • Develop trusted supply chains and level playing field
  • Develop the Next Generation Public Private Cooperation strengthening the European Cybersecurity Community to support the implement of these recommendations: ECSO 2.0

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