Interreg Europe CYBER: Paving Europe’s Digital Future


13 October 2021 - remote connection


Taking place virtually on the 13th October 2021, Interreg Europe CYBER: Paving Europe’s Digital Future is an interactive matchmaking event that offers a chance to engage with a variety of concrete regional initiatives and policy actions that have contributed to strengthening the local cyber ecosystems.

Interreg Europe CYBER: Paving Europe’s Digital Future highlights a practice-oriented approach to cybersecurity, sharing various cases and experiences as it offers visibility to the CYBER Project Partners’ regional cybersecurity initiatives. Interested stakeholders will also have a unique chance to meet CYBER Project Partners and learn about their good practices and policy experiences at the matchmaking event.

This event is also a chance to celebrate the achievements of the CYBER Project Partners while providing visibility to their initiatives in regional cybersecurity. Indeed, from June 2021 onwards, the Interreg Europe CYBER project has moved into what is termed as ‘Phase 2’ which is dedicated to the implementation and monitoring of the regional Action Plans established by the CYBER Project Partners. These Action Plans will be presented during the Pitch Sessions of the event, allowing different audiences to discover practice-based initiatives for cybersecurity.

Through this event, we hope to inspire our audience members to replicate and adapt good practices and policy experience in their regional ecosystems. Ultimately, we seek to communicate the CYBER project’s achievements in order to contribute to the consolidation of the still highly fragmented European cybersecurity market.

Hence, register to learn first-hand about the experiences of CYBER Project Partners. These experiences will also allow to discover how to adapt good practices and policy experiences to our audience members’ own regional ecosystems.

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