CyberSec4Europe Insights webinar

Event -28 October at 12:00 CET

Topic: Open and Agile Smart Cities: Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms

As part of one of the four H2020 pilot projects in which many ECSO Members are involved, CyberSec4Europe invites you to a free webinar focused on "Open and Agile Smart Cities: Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms".

About the webinar

To be really smart, forward-looking cities expect to provide seamless, interoperable digital services to maximise the benefit to their citizens and businesses.

Open & Agile Smart Cities is working with partners to support cities and communities effectively in their digital transformation journey and to drive the implementation of OASC Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms among research and industry.

The ITU defines minimal interoperability as the minimal sufficient degree needed to meet a certain requirement for data sharing, use and reuse (ITU-T, 2019). It is an approach to establishing a set of modular mechanisms across multiple application domains and geographic territories, without having to specify everything in complete detail, and without requiring complete implementation of and compliance to the entire framework.

Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms (MIMs) are the minimal sufficient capabilities need to achieve interoperability of daya, systems and services between buyers suppliers and regulators across governance levels around the world. Because the mechanisms are based on an inclusive list of baselines and references, they take into account the different backgrounds of cities and communities and allow cities to achieve interoperability based on a minimal common ground.

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Photo credits: Maya Maceka on Unsplash