Cyber Security Trends for 2022 & a Zero Trust Approach

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Cyber Security Trends for 2022 & a Zero Trust Approach

Our world has changed dramatically in 2021. The pandemic has presented cybercriminals with the perfect opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities in networks and unprotected devices. They’ve taken advantage of this moment with some very high-profile attacks that made headlines around the world.

The SolarWinds attack in the US was far-reaching and went undetected for months. It has been described as one of the most sophisticated cyberattacks of all time. Millions of Microsoft clients were affected by an attack that exploited vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Exchange Server. At home in Ireland, the attack on the HSE had a devastating impact on the nation’s health care, at its most vulnerable time. A recent report into the attack revealed that it too sat undetected on their network for weeks.

As remote working and the growth in digitalisation continues into 2022 the risks of cyberattacks remain high. Therefore businesses, organisations and individuals must become aware of the various avenues for attack and how to protect themselves.

So, what might be the trends in cyber security as we move into a new year.

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Source and photo credits: Cyber Ireland