Boosting the competitiveness of the European cybersecurity SMEs by creating synergies among the ‘Cybersecurity Smart Regions’

Interreg Europe CYBER is a 5 years project aiming to boost the competitiveness of European cybersecurity SMEs and to create synergies among the European cybersecurity smart regions. To achieve the goals, a series of interregional events are organized to connect stakeholders from European regions, share the best policy practices, and address common challenges. As an Advisory Partner, ECSO will guide the implementation of a multi-layered approach to structure competitive ecosystems. 
CYBER recognizes interregional cooperation as key to identifying solutions and moving towards a more integrated cybersecurity market. The kick-off meeting of the project took place on 3-4 July 2018 in Rennes, France, and was hosted by Bretagne Development Innovation (BDI), the Leading Partner of the project.
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