Public authorities are key actors in the field of cybersecurity, as regulators, policy makers, users of cybersecurity products and services but also as initiators of the creation of national PPPs. In a more general way, public authorities play a key role in the implementation of the Digital Single Market, launched by the European Commission in May 2015.

Mission & Objectives

This group of national public authority representatives has a crucial role to play in goal and target setting, proposing actions and providing opinion and feedback on strategies, activities and results generated through ECSO. The ECSO National Public Authorities Representatives Committee (NAPAC) will support the management of the association as well as providing strategic guidance, both on R&I agenda as well as on industrial policy orientations.

  • Represent: Ensure an appropriate interface for exchanges between ECSO Countries and the adequate representation of national public authorities within ECSO.
  • Advise: Provide opinion and advice on a periodic, voluntary basis to the Board of directors, the ECSO Working Groups and any other Groups on the policies and programmes that are relevant to realising the goals and deliverables of ECSO, bringing a governmental perspective.
  • Support the definition and implementation of a European industrial policy on cybersecurity, in all its dimensions. Support the definition and implementation of the ECSO Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and of the ECSO Multiannual Roadmap into the R&I Work Programme.
  • Facilitate the inclusion of a cybersecurity dimension in digital issues, in particular in vertical sectorial policies (e.g. transport, energy, etc.); facilitate the understanding and awareness of cybersecurity technology developments.
  • Liaise with the other intergovernmental groups put in place at the European level, as well as with ENISA.
  • Promote Public-Private Partnerships and approaches within each ECSO Countries; identify PPPs representative of national cybersecurity industries in ECSO Countries to develop national and European dialogues, and inform about ECSO initiatives at national level.

The EU Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), with the support of the ECSO Secretariat, provides the secretariat of the group.



The ECSO NAPAC is composed by 2 Groups with different composition:

The Governmental Advisory Group (GAG): this group will include the participation of representatives from national administration dealing with industrial policy related to cybersecurity from EU Member States ('likely to be the Member States' for example NIS competent authorities as foreseen in the NIS directive).

The R&I Group: this group will gather national representatives from the public sector (typically but not exclusively one from the H2020 Secure Societies Programme Committee and one from the H2020 ICT-LEIT Programme Committee or similarly, according to evolution of these Committees in future European Commission R&I Programmes) from each country represented in the mentioned Programme Committees for the definition of the respective Work Programmes, in order to avoid dispersion of efforts and drive R&I projects into an agreed European strategy.

Meetings of the NAPAC are held at least 2 times a year and are scheduled back to back with the Council’s Horizon Working Party on Cyber Issues meetings in Brussels.