WG4: Support to SMEs , coordination with countries (in particular East and Central EU) and regions

Misson & Objectives

The working group focuses on the following issues:

  1. Support the development of SMEs, start-ups and high growth companies
  2. Develop coordinated activities between clusters (both business oriented and triple helix), Regions and local bodies (for local implementation of solutions / educations)
  3. Development of East and Central EU public and private sectors dealing with cybersecurity.


The working group chairs are Aapo Cederberg from FISC and Sebastiano Toffaletti from DIGITAL SME

The working group is segmented into sub-working groups as followed:

  • SWG4.1: SMEs, start-ups and high growth companies - Chairs: ITrust / SYSTEMATIC PARIS REGION - RADARSERVICES - FUNDINGBOX

SWG4.1.1: Venture Capital and private investors - ITrust / SYSTEMATIC PARIS REGION

SWG4.1.2: Public funding opportunities for SMEsĀ  - FUNDINGBOX

SWG4.1.3: Labelling and market analysis - RADARSERVICES

  • SWG4.2: Coordination with activities in EU countries and regions - Chair: CONSEIL REGIONAL
  • SWG4.3: Support to East and Central EU Members - Chair: CYBER SERVICES




ECSO Secretariat: wg4_secretariat@ecs-org.eu